Haiti Happenings

Haiti Happenings

Thursday, June 14, 2018


We rejoice in the Lord that 28 of our Bible College students graduated on May 26th. We are proud of each and every one of them that persevered in their studies over a 5 year period and received their bachelor’s degree in theology. Many are already making and impact in their local churches and society as a whole. We are believing for greater works through them for the kingdom of Christ.    

We are presently in the United States and will be returning to Haiti on July 3rd. We are enjoying spending time with family and friends. 

Please pray:
1) As we travel and share in 3 churches on the West Coast.
2) For Haiti because the economy does not seem to be improving, and violence is on the rise.
3) That God provides for the pavilion we need to build for New Life Bible College. 

Please consider giving to the second phase of building this pavilion which is estimated at $3,500. This is a much needed place for our students to eat their lunches, and will also be used as a large classroom. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Pavilion Going Up & Leadership Conference

Footers (Foundations for Columns)
Last Month was a very busy month for us. We had John Wicks in who helped kick off the pavilion that we are building for New Life Bible College. After he left, we had our Haitian builders continue putting in the footers (the base or concrete pads for the columns) for the pavilion (12 in all). We now need to pour our concrete columns which will hold up our steel and corrugated roofing system. This second phase of the project is estimated at $3,500. Please consider giving towards this second phase of the project that we might have a nice place for our students to eat their lunches, and to use as a classroom when needed. In the month of March, we had a great retreat for our New Life Mission leaders.

We had 43 leaders who attended this 3 day retreat. We thank Pastor Robert Muncy for bringing 4 speakers from various churches and ministries in the United States to minister to our church leaders. They spoke on “Ministering out of our Relationship with the Father as Sons and Daughters”. This teaching is much needed since our church culture here seeks to merit God’s favor through living right and doing good works, instead of serving Him out of the position they have in Christ.

New Life Mission Leadership Retreat

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Pavilion Being Built

As you may know, several years ago we purchased a piece of land adjacent to the Bible College. At this time we are using it as a gathering place for students between classes and as our lunch area. We have a shade cloth over part of it presently to diminish the sun rays. We have now decided to build a pavilion to protect the students completely from sun and rain. We are planning on doing it in 3 stages – footings, columns, and roof. First stage will cost $ 600. The second stage will cost $ 2,400. The third stage will cost $ 2,600. Please consider coming on a team and/or financially supporting this project as God leads you. We would like to do our first stage in July

Radio Broadcast

EXCITING NEWS - I have begun teaching on a radio station in West Palm Beach every 3rd Sunday from 10 pm. to 11 pm. I dial their number and teach over my phone. It is broadcast live with a question and answer time at the end. This is done on a Spanish / Haitian radio station called Sansfrontiere. If anyone wants more information on this radio station just go to www.wpspradio.com

Ministry & Carnival

A lot happened during the week of Carnival/Mardi Gras. While the world was partying, it was an opportunity for us as a church to do more ministry because people are off work and schools were all out for the week of festivities. During this time, 4 of our 5 Bible school classes held intensive 3 day courses. Also, the 4th year Bible College students had 4 days of ministry at one of our churches in the mountains. Led by Professor Jose Brenard, 14 students preached, taught, evangelized, and worked at restoring broken relationships in Fond de Blanc church. During those 4 days, 25 people came to know the Lord and 10 members were restored to the local church there. Also during Carnival week, I went to minister in our New Life church in Lazile, which is 4 ½ hours from where we live. I taught a seminar to 45 church leaders as well as preaching Sunday morning in their church. It was a blessed time in the Lord. I thank God for Pastor Ylophane Dieuseul who is doing a good work.

Friday, December 22, 2017

New Truck & Answer to Prayer

First and foremost, we thank God for His grace and mercy. Another year is almost over and God has sustained us and His work here in Haiti. Secondly, we want to thank all those who have prayed and given to us and New Life Mission of Haiti. Without you we would not be able to do what God has called us to do in Haiti. Lastly, we pray that God richly blesses you, and all the churches who stand with us.
We rejoice greatly because God has enabled us to purchase a new Ford double cab pickup truck. We thank all of you who prayed on our behalf and gave to this need. It will be a blessing to us and the ministry here in Haiti.

New Life Bible College has completed its first semester with 90 students in attendance. We ask you to keep them in prayer as many struggle financially and face many challenges in Haiti. Some may not return for the second semester due to these difficulties. We thank God for each one of our students who have committed themselves to 5 years of study.

Monday, October 9, 2017

New Year for New Life Bible College & New car very soon.

Greetings in the beloved name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We pray that this letter finds you doing well in the Lord.

Today is our 5th week of school for New Life Bible College. We thank God for the 90 students who are committed to five years of study. They come every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on most holidays to study the Word of God and be equipped for Christ's service. Some travel 5 hours every week to be trained. They make great sacrifices financially to study the Word of God at New Life Bible College. We thank all of you who sponsor a Bible College student. Many would not be able to come if it was not for your gifts. If you would like to sponsor a student, contact us by email for details.

Almost there!!! -We thank God for all those who have given towards our new double cab pickup truck fund. We only need $4,000 more to arrive at the amount needed to purchase one. A good 4 wheel drive vehicle is essential to the success of our work here in Haiti. It will be used extensively to serve the Haitian people and their churches. Please help us cross the finish line.

Our Leaders - We just finished a mini working retreat for our Haitian mission board. It was a time of great importance in working out some issues we face in New Life Mission of Haiti. We thank God that all went well. Pray for our leaders who face many challenges. One of the challenges Haitian churches are facing is keeping qualified leaders. Many leaders are leaving Haiti due to the poor economy which has worsened over the past few years.

 Troubling Times- Please be praying for Haiti. It is in very difficult times. There is much upheaval because the government is not making wise decisions. There are constant road block and strikes taking place throughout the country. Pray for protection for us and especially for Rachel who has to cross the city of Port-au-Prince every day to teach.

We thank you for your prayers and support of us and the Haitian people.